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S E L L I N G   Y O U R   A R T


Thomas  Deprez  Fine  Arts is always interested in acquiring  artworks  through  purchase or consignment. We are happy to give value estimations of your art and provide certificates of authenticitySelling  your  works  of  art through us offers several advantages, including:


As opposed to the public marketplace, we provide discretion and absolute confidentiality. Our sale records are strictly private and are not matters of public record, accessible through the Internet.

P R O M P T   P A Y M E N T

Sellers are paid immediately and in-full. Consignors are paid immediately and in-full upon completion of the sale and the deposit of funds from the purchaser. Purchasers are shipped their purchased property within one business day after receipt of payment.

P E R S O N A L   S E R V I C E

We are happy to answer any and all questions, and we are always willing to assist you with your sale or purchase in any way necessary. Thomas Deprez Fine Arts brings both buyers and sellers the highest level of connoisseurship, scholarship, and personal service. Buyers can be confident that our gallery stands behind every artwork, and guarantees that title is clear. When making a purchase, we encourage clients to take the time for thoughtful consideration of each work. If necessary, we can arrange for viewing at home on approval. Should you wish to submit one or more paintings for sale or consignment, please send us any information you have about the piece. Include an image of each artwork, along with as many details as possible (including medium, dimensions, date, signature, inscriptions, labels, and provenance, etc.).


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