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Alfred William FINCH

( 1854 - 1930 )


Decorative cup, ca. 1896-97

- Forges -

Height:       8  cm

Width:       11 cm 

Ø Neck:   7,5  cm


Removed rather carelessly from the potter's wheel, the present object has been partly slit through the base. Instead of rejecting such works or masking the cut, it was clearly decided to simply go ahead with its decoration and finish. Although this decorative cup remained unsigned, the decorative scheme of interlocking comma's and dots are amongst the most subtly refined and elegant decorations in the artist's arsenal, and don't leave any room for doubt concerning its authorship. Thrown by hand from red clay, it has a yellowish white foundation, and green and brown top glazes. The whole was finished with its yellow engobe decoration painted by hand.

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