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Selection of objects from the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels

Alfred William FINCH

( 1854 - 1930 )


Stem vase or soliflor, ca. 1896-97

- Forges -

Height:    22,5  cm

Width:     11,5  cm 

Ø Neck:    5     cm

Signed under the base:  'AWF' 

In a first attempt to catalogue Willy Finch's ceramics, Danielle Derrey-Capon notes about this model: "The elegance of the form is strengthened by the decoration, which gives a spiralling impression, and which makes this vase one of the most interesting of this period." As can be seen on several of his objects, we find two important flaws as expressions of the artist's manual labor, which in essence make this version absolutely unique. Interestingly enough, the slight inclination that can be observed is present in every version of this vase, and is further proof that the artist was consciously including subtle imperfections in order to create tension and beauty. Another version of the same object, in a brownish glaze and enriched with dots over the elongated S-shapes, is held in the collections of the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels. The RMAH version was exhibited among others in the milestone exhibition Art Nouveau Belgique, Brussels, Palais des Beaux-Arts, 1980-1981.

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