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Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, inv. 6920 (12,5 cm high)
Design Museum, Gent, inv. 76/224 (18 cm high)
Design Museum, Gent, inv. 224 (18,5 cm high)
Design Museum, Gent, inv. 76/246 (18,5 cm high)
La Libre Esthétique, Brussels, 1897

Alfred William FINCH

( 1854 - 1930 )


Small vase, ca. 1896-1897

- Forges -

Height:   13  cm

Width:      9  cm 

Ø Neck:   6   cm

Signed under the base:  'AWF' 

Remainder of an old collection label

Iconic in both shape and decoration, this exquisite small vase embodies the simplicity and true-to-form aesthetic of Willy Finch at it's best. Red clay with an initial white base glaze, covered with brown glazing and topped with two rows of dots in white slip.  As one of his most successful models, this shape also exists with different decorations and in different sizes. The same model with a different style of decoration is held at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, while the Design Museum in Ghent holds three slightly larger vases with the same shape.

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