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Alfred William FINCH

( 1854 - 1930 )


Pair of vases, ca. 1895

- Virginal -

Height:   39,5 cm                  Height:   39 cm

Width:    20    cm                  Width:    21 cm

Ø Neck:  10,5 cm                  Ø Neck: 11 cm  

Signed and annotated:       Collection label

'A.W.F / 89'

Hand thrown from the white clay typical of his Virginal production, this important pair of vases combines a yellow to brown flambé glaze with an engobe decoration of inverted comma's, and a rare green drip around the neck. Finch at his most experimental, several small kiln accidents can be noticed. The annotation '89' refers to a production number, while the other vase bears an old collection label.

Signature and production number
Collection label
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