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Signature of AWF & Iris, and the LMM stamp for La Maison Moderne
Different version in a private collection
Different version in a private collection

Alfred William FINCH

( 1854 - 1930 )


Cachepot or planter, 1899-1902

- IRIS, Finland -

Height:     12,5 cm

Ø Base:      7    cm 

Ø Neck:    13   cm

Signed and annotated under the base: 'A.W.F. IRIS.Finland.'

Stamped with the LMM mark for La Maison Moderne

Thorsten Bolinder (1867-1903)
(Accountant to the Iris factory under count Louis Sparre);

His daughter, Ida Elli Marika Bolinder; 

Her son, Prof. Dr. Herrick Baltscheffsky, Stockholm

When the writer and art critic Julius Meier-Graefe decided start La Maison Moderne in 1899, he closely modelled his business on the examples of La Maison d'Art and L'Art Nouveau. Convinced he could set his own commercial gallery for decorative arts off from the two former, Meier-Graefe decided to introduce the idea of exclusive models. He went around the artists he wanted to represent, bought the exclusive rights to certain objects, and had them stamped with the logo of the gallery during their production. One of the models Meier-Graefe acquired from the IRIS factories forLa Maison Moderne was the present planter or cache-pot. Produced in relatively large numbers, versions with similar or different decorations can be found in several museums and private collections.

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