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Alfred William FINCH

( 1854 - 1930 )


Vase with tin mount

- Collaborative effort with Georges Lemmen ? -

Height:     13  cm

Width:      19  cm 

Ø Neck:    14  cm

Signed under the base: 'AWF'

Quite rare in the oeuvre of Willy Finch, the idea of mounting a tin neck on ceramics seems to suddenly arise in the Belgian decorative arts scene around 1896. Similar tin mounts can be seen on vases by both Omer Coppens and Arthur Craco, and it has been said that these tin decorations were all produced by Georges Lemmen. In the case of Finch this doesn't need to alarm or raise any eyebrows; the two were as close as friends can get. The yellow to dark green glazing completely covers the swirling engobe decoration, subtly revealing the design by the sole virtue of its relief. The relatively calm surface, with its matte finish and rather uniform colour, lend the stage to the overall shape and the tin crown in a superb way. The graphic shape gives the whole an undeniable Japonist aesthetic. 

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