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Detail of the engobe and different glazes.

Alfred William FINCH

( 1854 - 1930 )


Important vase, ca. 1896-1897

Forges -

Height:     30,5  cm

Width:       23    cm 

Ø Neck:     13    cm

Signed under the base: 'AWF'

Unmistakably one of the highlights of the collection, is this important decorative vase. With an imposing 30,5 cm high and 23 cm at its widest point, this certainly ranks among the most prominent works of Finch's production at the height of his creativity. An emblem for Finch's mature production at Forges, it combines most of the main techniques used by the artist and adds the refined element of texture, so rare in glazed stoneware, to his arsenal of aesthetic weapons. A minimum of four different glazes, partly fired in open flames, and a sober yet elegant decoration of elongated S-shapes and dots, grace the classical and timeless shape of the piece. By combining oxides over previous glazes, the artist managed to obtain a rough, rust-like surface, which has a peculiar metallic shimmer to it. The generous amount of surface available for decoration, is dominated by the sinuous lines of the hand-painted engobe, and reveals the hand of a painter at work. Showing true mastery of the Art Nouveau aesthetic, one can almost sense the pleasure he felt in painting those elegant lines. 

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