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Gustave VANAISE - Les XX - ca. 1884



Gustave VANAISE 



Jeune garçon nu debout, ca. 1884


|  395 x 285 mm  |

Pen in ink on paper

Stamped with cachet 

'Atelier Gustave Vanaise'

Upper left corner with distinct logo of the Cercle des

Vingt (Les XX) and annotated with the number '4' .


Ancienne collection Paul Eeckhout

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The Museum of Fine Arts of Gent, Belgium, holds a body of drawings by Gustave Vanaise which were acquired together in 1918 and all bear the same studio stamp. One drawing in particular stands out as it depicts the same model. Now, as a clothed portrait figure and drawn in the same distinct style of pen in ink. Another one depicts a similar youth seen from the back (inv. 1918-G). By virtue of the logo of Les XX on the present drawing, we can safely date both drawings around 1884. It is probable that the present drawing served as a figure study for a painting presented at one of the exhibitions of Les XX between 1884 and 1886, the year in which Vanaise quit the group. Unfortunately no works with matching figures are known today. The collection of Paul Eeckhout held four drawings by Gustave Vanaise, all of which are related to the drawings in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts of Gent. 

Gustave VANAISE (1854-1902) "Head of a boy", pen in ink on paper, 151 x 150 mm, Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent, inv. 1918-M. 

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